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Where can i buy wordpress themes and plugins?
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I always prefer to create my own theme from scratch. This helps me to have full control over the development. I have used themes from other developers in the past. I can recommend themeforest.net. They have lot of themes that you can choose from for your projects.

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This greatly depends on your needs and budget. I highly recommend that you checkout Elegant Theme's DIVI offering or StudioPress' Genesis framework for your theme/appearance needs. You can find plenty of plugins on the dotORG Plugin repository, many of which will link to a "pro" version, should you really want to buy certain plugins.
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Widely recommended
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If u consider yourself as developer, learn developing wordpress from scratch, you can create your own theme and plugin. You can customized it whatsoever ur client needs. This will ensure upgrade our reputation in the eyes of different clients if we deliver good product. As you know already many plugins will affect the performance of ur wp site. God bless all brother. You can do it.
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If you are a developer, of course doing it from scratch is a go-to option but there are things to consider like time to make the site project live, and doing it from scratch will take a bit of time depending on the features the project needs. 

From my experience, these are the best place I come to take a good theme for quick projects: 

  1. Themeforest, per theme or plugin use-case scenarios
  2. For reusability of theme, I use Divi Theme from Elegant Themes
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