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By context getting rank can be achieved by getting index by search engines like google, bing, etc. Getting high or on the top of the rank is every content creators and website owners dream. There are no exact answer as to what are the ways to make you rank at the top as it is hidden on search engine proprietary algorithm. Having said that, creating a unique content with relevant keywords make a huge different in getting rank by Google. And be consistent on you posting schedule, it pays. Goodluck
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You must start at doing research related to your niche or market. Keyword research may take some time, try using Google keyword research first. If keyword volume is high, let's say you are in web design niche, you may want to do keyword research like best web design. Google keyword will show you the keywords volume and from there you can create content based on your target keyword. If you are a business owner, consider focusing on other stuff and hire someone who can do it for you.
Thanks for the answer. Will put your later suggestion into consideration
Thank you for your answer. I appreciate it.