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How to change WordPress admin thank you footer. I am building a website for a client and I want to remove or change the footer. 

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Editing “Thank You for Creating with WordPress” Text

  • First, let’s log in to WordPress Dashboard and navigate to Appearance > Editor tab in the left column of the Dashboard.
  • Locate functions.php file in the right column and click on it to open it for editing.
  • You need to add the following lines of code to the bottom of the file.
// Admin footer modification
function remove_footer_admin ()
echo '<span id="footer-thankyou">Developed by <a href="http://www.designerswebsite.com" target="_blank">Your Name</a></span>';
add_filter('admin_footer_text', 'remove_footer_admin')

view rawcustom-function555.php hosted with ❤ by GitHub

  • You can replace Developed by and link address and text by your custom ones.
  • Update the file to save the changes.
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