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Im planning to create a magazine website and needed a plugin but i find it too much expensive. Can i buy cheap nulled plugin and replace later with the premium?
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Of course you can. Its just nulled plugins have their risks. Sometimes this nulled plugged in have snippets if codes that can act as virus or script that can ruin your site.

If it is a test site, I think its okay, but if it is going to be a big site soon, better invest on the paid plugin.

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You can always use nulled, but of course there are risk involved. If you use a nulled plugin you general wont know whats inside the code unless you check the plugin code and inspect it which is time consuming. So there's a risk of malware, viruses and other codes that might harm your site in the future. Nulled plugins are not generally illegal though cause some use a GPL. . Buy the plugin :) its worth it, if you buy the plugin you are helping the developer to continue to improve the plugin and develop more useful plugin which Is health for Wordpress ecosystem.
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You're right Patrick. there are risk involve in using nulled plugins. They can break your website.  Tyrone just be a bit careful when using nulled plugins. Study the codes if you can to check there are no viruses.